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crisis. as mud slides and erosion threaten to sweep their homes into the chesapeake bay below. the problem is just turned dramatically worse, scott broome is following the developments tonight from maryland. >> woke up in the morning and looked and it was gone. >> bill stands on the edge, 100 feet of thin air where his hot tub and deck used to be on thanksgiving. there's the wreckage down there now. here's just one of the aerial photos neighbors took of bill's house now, just 28 feet from the edge. >> just a matter of time. times getting shorter and shorter. >> a matter of time before it all goes. as the cliffs erode. >> this is the road right here. >> same story down the beach, where golden west way has been closed for fear it too will fall into the bay. >> it's still 3.9 miles to get to my house. >> neighbor chris walked the 100 yards to avoid driving the distance. the closure adds 15 minutes to get fire and police to the
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homeowners on the other side. there are 91 homes along the cliffs. the residents call themselves the cliff dwellers. >> we need our congressman and senators to step up and help with this. >> here's what stands in the way. the puritan tiger beetle. on the endangered species list. the community association has been battling to get environmental permits for 15 years. john is the association president. >> they may not be able to ensure. they may not be able to sell. they may not be able to relocate. so they are facing bankruptcy and disaster. >> they are putting this beetle over my safety and all my neighbor's safety, and you know, that's not right. >> we'll if i can it if they let us. this has been a 15 year battle. it doesn't make any sense. >> if the cliff dwellers get their environmental permits, then they'll need some money. the last time the engineers gave them an estimate was back
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in 1998 and back then, it would cost $3 million to stabilize the calvert cliffs. scottbroome, >> the properties are in chesapeake ranch estates where the homeowners association, not the local government is responsible for the roads and the utilities. we have breaking news from haiti right now. the magnitude 7 quake was 14 miles from the capital. a hospital reportedly collapsed and people were screaming for help. this was centered about 14 miles west of the caribbean's capital port of prince. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes in. the government is moving ahead with its inquiry on the salahi's. they are known as the white house gate crashers.
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the stylist answered questions in federal court related to the security breech. salahi spent hours at the salon, gomez and peggy met with secret service agents, u.s. attorneys, and answered questions before a grand jury. they had no comment object those proceedings. >> this is a very stressful time for all. it is very much respected time that we have to show respect for the justice system, the white house and everyone involved. >> the salahi's were not required to appear today. we are following a developing story about another problem on board a northwest flight. a delta airline spokeswoman says the crew of a northwest airlines flight from amsterdam requested that authorities meet the plane as it landed in detroit because some of the passengers did not follow their instructions. the tsa says the four passengers were released, no arrests were made, it's not clear what those passengers were doing.
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but this disturbance comes less than a week after a man pleaded not guilty to trying to blow up a packed northwest flight headed for detroit on christmas day. meanwhile, an airline passenger managed to get some live ammunition passed security and on to a plane headed to dallas. flight 1669 had just pushed back from the gate in milwaukee when a passenger alerted a flight attendant that he forgot he had shotgun shells in his carry on bag. the tsa says that passenger is a gun dealer. he was interviewed, rescreened, and allowed to board the plane again. >> it was ridiculous. we just had a gentleman put explosives in his underwear two weeks ago and they were supposed to up the security and here a guy walks in a plane with carry ons, shotgun shells in his bag. >> tsa is investigating how those shells got past airport security. right now, hazmat crews are working to contain a shipment
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of dangerous explosives uncovered. they are trying to clean up a spill of -- it's the same type of explosive found on the suspect at the center of the christmas day terror plot. >> we don't know exactly how long this is going to be, that we will lift this voluntary evacuation out of downtown. and the product is a petn, which is an explosive, flammable product. but i feel very comfortable with all the assistance of all the units we have around here. >> officials are confident this incident is not related to terrorism. petn is often used in military explosives. the spill happened a forklift operator accidentally punctured a container. >> talking on cell phones, texting, putting on makeup, eating lunch, if you do any of that while you drive, you are a danger and you need to be stopped. that says a passionate group about road safety. peggy fox joins us live from
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arlington with the story. peg. >> take a look at these figures. it's really mind boggling. about 40,000 people in this country die every year in car crashes. and according to figures by the national safety council. about 10,000 of them are killed at the hands of a distracted driver. something totally preventable. well there's a new group out to make distracted driving as reprehensible as drunk driving. >> she hit it so hard, like her car lights blew up. >> terri witnessed a distracted driver kill herself when she swerved off the road two months ago. >> but she kept looking down and looking up. so she was obviously looking for something in the car. and then as i start going up the hill, i looked and it was like her car exploded. it was like, boom. >> stories like that are fueling a new fight against all kinds of distracted driving. it is spearheaded by a new group called focus driven.
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it is founding members all have lost loved ones because of distracted drivers. >> look at that beautiful smile and that beautiful smile and the x-rays of her teeth are what identified her baby. >> she should have graduated this year. she should be spending her first year in college. her mother and i should have seen her wed and held our first grand baby. >> so they see somebody with a cell phone in their hand, they are going to give them a ticket. >> they appeared with ray lahood, who draw no distinction between texting or any kind of distractions. they want every state to pass health laws against it. >> it has to stop. we have to look at this as a national endeemic and stand up and say, this is wrong. >> now several states do have laws against texting while driving. but few have strong enforcement behind them. coming up at 7:00, i'll tell you the difference between
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virginia, maryland, and dc's laws. i'm peggy fox reporting in arlington. >> all right, a teenager is found dead in a driveway, the first homicide this year in montgomery county. coming up, the witness who found the body. first, details on the new alcohol tax that is on the table and topper has your forecast details. another day below average. temperatures held in the 30s. you can access this on the web at 36 and 29 goes in the books. we'll come back. we have a thaw on the way. stay tuned.
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climbing prices at the gas pump are having an effect on some local businesses. who is feeling the pinch. >> i just don't understand why the prices keep going higher. >> it is easy, says the recent hike in gas prices forced her to change the way she runs her
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flower shop. >> all over, even fairfax, now we go only to arlington, we go to alexandria and only deliver to certain parts of mail. >> exasperation is a good word. david's business has 100 trucks on the road every day. >> with a fleet that large, that's a lot of money. >> gas prices are spiked 14 cents a gallon. that's up $1 since this time last year. >> right now, the average price of gas in the dc area is $2.74 a gallon. >> it comes down to speculators thinking the economy is improving and making a bet that gets that demand is going to go up. so they are forcing gas prices up. we hope that won't be sustained. >> it's a real roller coaster ride. >> hopes this ride has reached
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its peek. thomas james, 9news now and >> during this reserks far fewer drivers have hit the roads. driving is down about 110 billion miles over the last year. taxes on alcoholic drinks may go up in maryland. activists gathered in annapolis today to push for legislation to raise the tax by a dime a drink. they say the money could fund some key public health programs. ahead, how you can buy a piece of dc history and state's attorney does a 180. find out about his new plans up next. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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(announcer) itchy dry scalp? get new selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch fighters target scalp itch while five moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. was it murder or manslaughter? that question lies at the heart of a major development in the case of scott. he is the man who admits he shot to death, dr. george tiller, a doctor who performed abortions. the murder trial is about to get underway and a judge ruled he might let roader argue that he believes the shooting was
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justified because he wanted to save unborn children. that defense tactic could open the door to conviction on the lesser charge. that is because kansas law defines voluntary manslaughter as an unreasonable, but honest belief that circumstances justify deadly force. >> this is how trials proceed. we don't fast forward. we don't jump to conclusions and we don't arrive at the end of the process without a full and complete and hopefully a fair and impartial hearing. >> the jury selection forever his trial is expected to begin tomorrow. an 18-year-old man is montgomery county's first homicide victim of the year. his body was found lying in some brush along the road. investigators say he had been shot to death. police do not know if he was killed at the property, which has been vacant for more than a year, or if his body was dumped there. >> we don't believe it was
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random. there have been some reports of drug use in this area, that's one of the things that detectives are looking at, but by no means is that the only motive they are looking at. >> i have no idea, that's why i'm here to find out. i want to know if i know the person or not. >> technicians remove several pieces of evidence when they made a second sweep. they are not releasing the victim's name until the relatives are notified. harriette walters was convicted of stealing more than $48 million and using that money to go on huge shopping spree. now her goods are up for options. hundreds and thousands of designer bags are among them. an auction house is running the sale. sheila dixon may be leaving office, but she will continue to get paid.
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she will se a lifetime pension of $83,000 a year. she announced her resignation. she was also convicted of misdemeanor embezzlement. she will receive probags, which allows her to will collect her pension. >> the top prosecutor ruled out a run for higher office. we are talking about state's attorney, glenn ivy. he formed an exploratory committee to look at a possible run for congress. 9news now learned he decided not to run. once his current term expires, he plans to enter the private sector. >> bob mcdonald introduced the state's next education secretary. he is gerard robinson. robinson worked on school choice legislation in congress in several states. he was a senior researcher at several projects studying urban school choice and he currently heads the nonprofit's black alliance for education options. it's a group that advocates
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giving black parents better access for better education for their children. cold today, but a warmup is on the way. >> it will be gradual. cold today, chilly tomorrow, but then i think we can use the word milder. by the week's end, we are going to hit 50. tomorrow, a little better. temperatures around 40. then mid 40s on thursday. thursday will probably be our first day above average this year and should hit 50 with sunshine on friday and a calm finish to the week, too. just a few clouds, really not a bad finish at all. tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, and cold. low temperatures, 18 to 26 and winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. that will generate windchills in the single digits late tonight. so a pretty cold night. get into temperatures, right now, looking at temperatures 33 downtown. 30 up in frederick, and 28 in manassas. let's factor in our breezes and there is a windchill. feels like it's in the mid to
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low 20s already. 25, windchill downtown. out in the teens, the winchester and mid 20s out in comperland. teenss and 20s, winds northwesterly at about 10 miles an hour and by afternoon, mostly sunny and chilly. highs near 40. not bad with winds light out of the southwest at 10. that will feel comfortable and southwesterly winds will bring warmer air for the next several days. satellite picture, radar combined, getting stormy. some showers in san francisco northward to seattle. that bodies well for us through saturday. we are getting the clouds, did hang tough today. reduce some flurries in the mountains and for a change, there are no advisories for snow. first time all year. we have clear to partly cloudy skies now and with colder air pushing in, it's going to be a cold night. zone forecast on our website at
6:21 pm we cover you from the mountains all the way to the shore. sunshine, 41 in front royal. 40 in resten and manassas. probably 42 as you head to the south and dale city. downtown, around 40. gaithersburg, around 40. go down to charles county, break the 40 barrier. maybe 41 or 42. low 40s on the bay and with a southwesterly wind light. it was not said that much so far this year. next seven days, 40 tomorrow, sunshine, sunshine on thursday and 46. both days really pretty nice with light winds and 50 on friday. 51 on saturday. we are going to keep rain in the forecast for martin luther king day, that system will get close to us. looks like a cold rain with temperatures in the 40s. and behind this storm, we are still 50 with sunshine on tuesday. >> that is great. >> a little january thaw, we earned it. >> that's a good forecast, it would be better if the wizards were good. >> winning is the tonic that
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cures everything. for all the nonsense, if they were a good team, there would be excusing to be done, but there ain't. wizards chaos is not limited to arenas. lashing out at some of his other players as the downward spiral continues. plus, a commentary on how mark mcguire ruined his own apology. my thoughts at 9sports is coming up. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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: it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> wizards coach started the season needing 13 wins to reach 600 for his career and we now reached the second week of january and he is still waiting. he has been the trying season, and sara walsh reports, the hits keep on coming. >> the gun investigation continues with two more players, mike miller and mcgee
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to speak to authorities. flip saunders altering his plan for tonight against detroit. >> some of us guys on what we are trying to do. >> with all the outside distractions, the only thing that is normal is when you step on the court. >> saunders addressed andre's suspension. >> he said, i didn't get a shot. if you are 6' 10, you can get a shot by getting a rebound. the coach has to run plays to get you shots, that's a sign of a team that isn't going be a very good team. right now, there's going to be discipline, whether they like it or not. >> when asked how difficult of the team saunders said that's easy, just sit them on the bench. at the verison center, sara walsh, 9news now and wusa the >> thank you. a family accident, but he is
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expected to play. after a weekend home in denver, mike shanahan is back at redskins park and the new coach is inching closer to naming staff. bengals defensive coordinator, mike ximmer, is out. he is staying in cincinnati, which makes this man, the new front runner for that job. but this man, jerry gray also in the mix. the team's current defensive back coach who interviewed with dan snyder interviewed with shanahan himself today to be the defensive coordinator. meanwhile, shanahan's former denver assistant has been offered the job. he has not yet accepted. >> former hog and hall of fame finalist has been given permission to interview for the head coach at the buffalo bills. on the menu in sports this evening, gary williams and the terps to visit wake forest. maryland won their acc opener sunday over 19th ranked florida
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state. the caps take their win streak into tampa, against whom they have won 12 straight. caps lead the league averaging 3.6 goals per game. all right, now that we've had a day to digest mark mcguire's confession slash apology. was anybody bothered by this? >> the only reason that i took steroids was for my health purposes. i did not take steroids to get any gain for strength purposes. >> all right, i give credit to mcguire for finally confronting his demons. the minute he gave that, i totally thought it negated the confession. he never used steroids. i don't care if he took steroids because they taste good, the but product of using them is they help your
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performance. it may be worse than the original lie that he didn't use steroids in the first place. he also says that he wished he never quote, played in the steroid era in the first place, end quote, as if it's the era that forced him to shoot up. there were plenty of guys that didn't use drugs, but mcguire was able to compromise his integrity. we apologize, but it was halfhearted. >> what could it have done for his health? >> they say that steroids help you heal. it helps your recovery from injury. that was his motivation for taking them in the first place, but it makes you stronger, bigger, and hit more home runs. he must think we are naive to believe he wasn't aware it was helping his performance. >> thank you for that. that's it for us here at 9news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news with

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